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About the Author

H.M. Naqvi is the award-winning author of Home Boy. He has worked in the financial services industry, run a slam venue, and taught creative writing at Boston University. He has received the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, the Phelam Prize for poetry, and has participated in the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Jaipur Literature Festival, Art Dubai, Lollapalooza, and the IWP residency at the University of Iowa. Ensconced in Karachi, H.M. Naqvi is working on his second novel. He smokes Davidoffs.

H.M. Naqvi is the award-winning author of Home Boy. The debut was hailed as a “remarkably engaging novel that delights as it disturbs” by the New York Times, and as a “genre-busting, page turning book that fuses slang literary discourse, pop culture and politics, history and comedy, East and West” by Lee Siegel.

It has been translated into German, Italian, and Portuguese, long-listed for Dublin Award, shortlisted for the Shakti Bhatt, and was awarded the DSC Prize at the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2011. Home Boy has also featured on the syllabi of twenty-three universities from the US to Germany to Pakistan.

Naqvi has worked in the financial services industry, taught creative writing at Boston University, and run a spoken word venue. He has appeared on CNN, BBC, Bloomberg TV, and National Public Radio, and written for Forbes, Freemans, Dawn, Caravan, and the Global Post on subjects that range from contemporary art to literature to the dynamics that inform his hometown, Karachi.

Based in Karachi, he has been working on a book of essays, an initiative to revive a swath of downtown, his second novel. The “big, bad comic epic” will be out in 2018.


Author: H.M. Naqvi


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