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New Writing
In This Time, In This Country - Tehelka Karachi's Dark Knight
After launches up and down the East Coast, from Harvard University in Cambridge to Border's in DC, after launches in Jaipur and Delhi and Dubai, Home Boy came home. The Karachi launch was standing room only. Musician, archivist, and photographer Shahi documented the event.


A Chat with Tehelka
H. M. Naqvi Plays Ping Pong
In Conversation with H.M. Naqvi - Part 1


Cover Art
Sara Khan Sheherbano Hussain
Several hot contemporary Pakistani artists were asked to render Home Boy on canvas.
First Draft of Home Boy
"If I remember correctly, I wrote a few lines of doggerel on a cocktail napkin, circa ’03, sitting on a barstool in the Bowery. The memory, admittedly apocryphal, suggests Home Boy was born that night."
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